How to apply to our London Escort Agency:

If you believe that you meet all the requirement criteria demanded by our escort agency, that you have read and considered every aspect, and you are convinced that you have the will and the time to be able to spend some pleasant and carefree hours with our clients.

You have understood the philosophy of our London Escort Agency and it is in line with your perceptions.

Your data and photos for the application:

If you want to work with our London Escort Agency, please send your documents including two to three full body photos by email/form.

The photos should not be older than three months. We prefer authentic snapshots to a photo shoot by a professional. The more natural you are the better. Give us your age, size, weight, place of residence and your reasons for applying to be an Escort.

Application form and personal interview:

After your documents have been checked, you will receive a detailed application form to fill in. Should your application match our requirements, we will arrange an appointment for a personal interview.

We will see if we get along and whether we can imagine working together.

Professional photos and description:

If we reach an agreement, our photographer takes professional photographs of you, which we show together with a description of your personality and attractive attributes on our website; we can do this anonymously and with your face unrecognisable if you prefer.

If a client is interested in meeting you, we organise travel and all other details.

Appointment arrangements and discretion:

We orientate ourselves towards your available time allowing for studies or work when planning appointments. The top priority of our London Escort Agency is discretion. This of course relates to you, too: your contact data will not be passed on and your anonymity is maintained at all times.

If you are convinced that you are the perfect lady  for Escort Bunnies, then apply now to become a high class London Escort. We look forward to receiving your application by email: or by completing the Application form.


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